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5 reason’s why one must decide one’s own path

Yoda Quote from the movie, Star Wars.

We all have our own dreams. The dreams are unique to us. No two dreams can be the same. In order to live our dreams, the effort is tied to oneself. When we wish to follow our own dream, it’s all about choices. The chances we take towards those choices. This involves sometimes, going against the norm, the expectations of our society or the culture. It can be also a hurdle against our own families or friends. The moment we choose, a path for our own, we face isolation. We are alone. This can be purely due to the sudden uncertainty of our future. Are there way’s to excel during the uncertain times? Yes. We shall dwell in another blog. However, following one’s own heart has its valuable advantages. Today we are going to look into the five reason’s why we should follow our path.

Though, following one’s own path is all about guts and self belief, do remember, the journey is not about a creative quest, it’s all about one’s own evolution. How much ever you follow someone’s path, it’s all about copying their steps. However, no two journeys are the same, just because time is the differentiation factor in everyone’s life.

Our own identity

Once we start on our own path, we are creating an identity. The freedom of presenting as we are rather than someone else. That’s the gift of fulfillment, when people around us identify us, as we are. This shows the more authentic side of us. An authenticity of self belief. When we force ourselves, into something which is not our own, it can affect us psychologically. Being authentic, has its own risks. We might loose our friends, our current environment or the society to which we belong to. However, when we build our own identity, we attract the right people into our life. Now, that’s the second advantage which one brings by being authentic.

Build our community

Every unique individual, the world had seen had created their own community. Rather than looking into the great philosopher, leaders, warriors let’s look into our own life. Let’s think about our very own families. Let us travel few hundred years back. Our great maternal ancestors, can be a right example. Our great grandfather would have been the very first guy, who took that risk of moving to a village or starting to work or probably choosing a certain way of life. The reason, he might have did that is, he felt it’s of utmost important for him to start on a new path or a journey. The one to which he can identify himself with. That led him to build a family, a family that grew into a community. The community which became a society, to which we belong to. However, along the way the family took the comfort of their journey and norms, rather than building or creating something new.

As like our great grandparents, let us the take first step of being unique. With that we can to build our own community.

Being Fearless

The day we come away from the shadows of someone, we start to cast ours. The speciality is we just need to look to our shadows only. No need to fear, for being what we are. Though the path we choose, can be a journey of mistakes and hurdles, we can potentially learn and adopt ourselves better. The more we learn from our very own journey, we build the capability to reach our destination better and smoother. That ability is the growth mindset. In that mindset, it’s not fear that burns us, it’s the passion to reach our goal. Success paves its way to us.

Every hardship along this path, makes us stronger. We don’t become judgmental. We start to understand, that the other people’s opinions and judgment is because of their insecurities and not because of us. At the same time, we see them with empathy. That’s the trait, we attain, when we follow our own path. Being empathetic to others.

Beautiful Purpose

A life lived with a purpose, glows like a candle in darkness.

The purpose of one’s life is something personal and to do with their experience. However, the journey of one’s own path, can define a purpose. The purpose of being kind. The purpose to support the illiterate. The purpose can be anything. The purpose can glow like a bright candle in the dark. You can deft and define the darkness. But that purpose, defines our life. The life that can be paved only when we follow our very own path.

Being Inspirational

We may never knew, who we inspire by our acts. However, when we follow our own path, we are sure to leave a trail that makes others to wonder and get inspired. A simple act of living our life responsibly can inspire the people around us. There is not a need, that we need to change thousands of people around us. As we are able to inspire and change one, near to us, we have already created the ripple effect for change.

We must live as we were meant to live. We must live in truth

Marcus Aurelius
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You can defy and define the darkness like a candle

One of the worries as individuals or employees or as entrepreneurs, we come across is people who appreciate you with resentment. Let’s make a positive assumption that, they are not doing it on purpose. They are neither unkind nor mean. But this is common, amongst some peers, collegues or employees. We get pulled down on these thoughts. Sometimes, they eat into our productivity. It costs us a day. The question that immediately arises, how can we avoid these thoughts?

The first and foremost is acceptance of the people as they are. Once we know, that we have people like that around us , let’s accept them as they are. Because, the moment we delve into these thoughts, we can sense

  1. A kind of anger grows inside us
  2. We feel being cornered.
  3. We start to worry too much.
  4. We start to think how they have taken us for granted and drive us in a direction of becoming resentful like them.

What these kinds of thoughts leads us into? They ultimately destroys the peace inside us. We don’t give much of eye contact. We don’t show the good gesture towards them, when we happened to meet them. The best way to overcome is the candle’s philosophy of sharing is caring. I would like to narrate a story which I heard as a kid.

Quote by Dalai Lama

It was a stormy night. There was a little hut at the end of the street. In the hut stayed a father along with his cute little daughter. His daughter’s name was Anisha. As they were in dark, the father, went in search of matchstick. Once he returned, he lit a candle. It was so bright. The hut was glowing by the light from one little candle. Suddenly there was a thunder strike. Anisha, hearing the sudden sound screamed. The lightning was so bright, she was scared. As the wind blew in their little hut, the candle light flew off. Her father, again lit the candle.

Anisha, asked “Father, why do you light only one candle? We have so many, why don’t you light all?”

The father said, “This is the best of all the candles”.

She asked “how?”

The father replied, “This candle is called as Hope. The one which can hold on against all challenges and be positive to believe that the storm will stop”.

Anisha, asked “Okie Father. If it is hope, they why can’t we lit all other candles at the same time”.

The father replied “Only when there is hope, all other things can exist. Without hope, nothing can prevail in this storm”.

He further added “The candle of hope, can show us to have faith in what we believe. As we have faith, it shows love and empathy. It guide’s you to peace. With peace, comes joy and happiness. Fulfillment and serenity. Acknowledgement and acceptance. Forgiveness and fortitude. Thus be a candle of hope. Once you be the guiding force as hope, you can light all the candles and make it bright for all the one’s you meet in your life.”

Anisha, believed and lived as a candle of hope.

As in the story above, let us be a candle of hope. Let’s believe, in our work of excellence. It cannot be ridiculed by resentful people. Let’s be positive and build ourself forward with a smile. An assurance that we will with stand the stormy nights as a candle of hope.

When we become the candle of hope, we can defy the darkness. We can define and light up, thee dark spaces. We as candle of hope, be as the light to show the light for the hopeless, the broken, the resentful, the painful people. The best way, is to keep doing our work of excellence. Let the excellence speak for itself. That will fill the world with hope. And us too. As a candle of hope, we never loose anything by lighting other candles.

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What you want to do?

How often do you get lost in what you want to do? It can be with respect to your work, your passionate project, a side hustle or writing a blog etc. I would share my own example here. Though, I had seen myself as a speaker most of times, was thinking how can I make it more easier for wider audience to reach. The idea sparked when I was reading the book “Good to great” by Jim Collins. In the book, the author refers to an organization growth in terms of graphs and diagrams. That’s where my idea was conceived. The idea was how can I simplify the motivation themes into a visual representation. Once I had conceived, I started to do research about various motivational lines, dialogues, quotes etc available. Collected those and started to create one. At the initial go, it took anywhere between 2-3 hrs for me to create one. The reason being, the lines should not only inspire or share a meaning full takeaway, but the visual representation has to resonate the inspiration in a far more simpler way. 

Taking these two baselines, I started to coach myself. I wanted to release 100+ designs over 50 days. That would call for minimum 2 designs/day; so that those are released as blogs every day. Being creative process, I understood that once you are done with the work for that day, probably after 2-3hrs you get tired. I would call it as being drained. Hence, in order to keep up with new ideas as well as the momentum, I had some of my favorite music playing in the background as I work. Also started to log my own progress. This practice and the inertia from the log book of progress, had helped to do a design in less than 40 mins and sometimes its only 15 minutes. This rhythmic practice induces the cells with in the brain to be ready for the game, as this had become a ritual in my life now.

Now, what you see is the outcome of those results from the last fortnight of work. I am carrying out this journey of making it simplified as much as possible. This is how you can also 

  1. Conceive an idea, 
  2. Calculate the various dependencies for the idea to grow into a offering, 
  3. Coach yourself so that you practice to deliver it with ease
  4. Carryout the execution, till you reach a level where it becomes common; That’s when you start to renew to conceive an all new one for another execution.