Ideas, Personal Excellence

What you want to do?

How often do you get lost in what you want to do? It can be with respect to your work, your passionate project, a side hustle or writing a blog etc. I would share my own example here. Though, I had seen myself as a speaker most of times, was thinking how can I make it more easier for wider audience to reach. The idea sparked when I was reading the book “Good to great” by Jim Collins. In the book, the author refers to an organization growth in terms of graphs and diagrams. That’s where my idea was conceived. The idea was how can I simplify the motivation themes into a visual representation. Once I had conceived, I started to do research about various motivational lines, dialogues, quotes etc available. Collected those and started to create one. At the initial go, it took anywhere between 2-3 hrs for me to create one. The reason being, the lines should not only inspire or share a meaning full takeaway, but the visual representation has to resonate the inspiration in a far more simpler way. 

Taking these two baselines, I started to coach myself. I wanted to release 100+ designs over 50 days. That would call for minimum 2 designs/day; so that those are released as blogs every day. Being creative process, I understood that once you are done with the work for that day, probably after 2-3hrs you get tired. I would call it as being drained. Hence, in order to keep up with new ideas as well as the momentum, I had some of my favorite music playing in the background as I work. Also started to log my own progress. This practice and the inertia from the log book of progress, had helped to do a design in less than 40 mins and sometimes its only 15 minutes. This rhythmic practice induces the cells with in the brain to be ready for the game, as this had become a ritual in my life now.

Now, what you see is the outcome of those results from the last fortnight of work. I am carrying out this journey of making it simplified as much as possible. This is how you can also 

  1. Conceive an idea, 
  2. Calculate the various dependencies for the idea to grow into a offering, 
  3. Coach yourself so that you practice to deliver it with ease
  4. Carryout the execution, till you reach a level where it becomes common; That’s when you start to renew to conceive an all new one for another execution.