Objective perception is all about thoughts. A view how thoughts frames oneself and the same thoughts builds oneself. This blog tries to address two specific blocks. One where I try to leave a ripple. A ripple as in a thought. A thought that leaves an imprint with in you to create a ripple in future.

Second, this blog tries to enable business and individuals to stay focussed and motivated. Helping them to get their value simplified. It all started after being an entrepreneur for 5 years. As the saying goes, your best learning happens during your testing times.

Sharing those learnings, the motivations which I followed into simple values. The values that carry immense strength, but most of the times goes unnoticed. These thought values are drawn from my experience on the ground, the books that I read and mostly the best source of inspiration, the life around us.


As you become a subscriber and follower of this blog, that can turn yourself to be effective, then the goal of this blog is achieved. The simple motto which I believe is “Together we can build the future”. This motto to inspire you all to be part of that journey to build a better future.

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