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5 reason’s why one must decide one’s own path

Yoda Quote from the movie, Star Wars.

We all have our own dreams. The dreams are unique to us. No two dreams can be the same. In order to live our dreams, the effort is tied to oneself. When we wish to follow our own dream, it’s all about choices. The chances we take towards those choices. This involves sometimes, going against the norm, the expectations of our society or the culture. It can be also a hurdle against our own families or friends. The moment we choose, a path for our own, we face isolation. We are alone. This can be purely due to the sudden uncertainty of our future. Are there way’s to excel during the uncertain times? Yes. We shall dwell in another blog. However, following one’s own heart has its valuable advantages. Today we are going to look into the five reason’s why we should follow our path.

Though, following one’s own path is all about guts and self belief, do remember, the journey is not about a creative quest, it’s all about one’s own evolution. How much ever you follow someone’s path, it’s all about copying their steps. However, no two journeys are the same, just because time is the differentiation factor in everyone’s life.

Our own identity

Once we start on our own path, we are creating an identity. The freedom of presenting as we are rather than someone else. That’s the gift of fulfillment, when people around us identify us, as we are. This shows the more authentic side of us. An authenticity of self belief. When we force ourselves, into something which is not our own, it can affect us psychologically. Being authentic, has its own risks. We might loose our friends, our current environment or the society to which we belong to. However, when we build our own identity, we attract the right people into our life. Now, that’s the second advantage which one brings by being authentic.

Build our community

Every unique individual, the world had seen had created their own community. Rather than looking into the great philosopher, leaders, warriors let’s look into our own life. Let’s think about our very own families. Let us travel few hundred years back. Our great maternal ancestors, can be a right example. Our great grandfather would have been the very first guy, who took that risk of moving to a village or starting to work or probably choosing a certain way of life. The reason, he might have did that is, he felt it’s of utmost important for him to start on a new path or a journey. The one to which he can identify himself with. That led him to build a family, a family that grew into a community. The community which became a society, to which we belong to. However, along the way the family took the comfort of their journey and norms, rather than building or creating something new.

As like our great grandparents, let us the take first step of being unique. With that we can to build our own community.

Being Fearless

The day we come away from the shadows of someone, we start to cast ours. The speciality is we just need to look to our shadows only. No need to fear, for being what we are. Though the path we choose, can be a journey of mistakes and hurdles, we can potentially learn and adopt ourselves better. The more we learn from our very own journey, we build the capability to reach our destination better and smoother. That ability is the growth mindset. In that mindset, it’s not fear that burns us, it’s the passion to reach our goal. Success paves its way to us.

Every hardship along this path, makes us stronger. We don’t become judgmental. We start to understand, that the other people’s opinions and judgment is because of their insecurities and not because of us. At the same time, we see them with empathy. That’s the trait, we attain, when we follow our own path. Being empathetic to others.

Beautiful Purpose

A life lived with a purpose, glows like a candle in darkness.

The purpose of one’s life is something personal and to do with their experience. However, the journey of one’s own path, can define a purpose. The purpose of being kind. The purpose to support the illiterate. The purpose can be anything. The purpose can glow like a bright candle in the dark. You can deft and define the darkness. But that purpose, defines our life. The life that can be paved only when we follow our very own path.

Being Inspirational

We may never knew, who we inspire by our acts. However, when we follow our own path, we are sure to leave a trail that makes others to wonder and get inspired. A simple act of living our life responsibly can inspire the people around us. There is not a need, that we need to change thousands of people around us. As we are able to inspire and change one, near to us, we have already created the ripple effect for change.

We must live as we were meant to live. We must live in truth

Marcus Aurelius
Personal Excellence

Analyze your thoughts

Thoughts are like those different seashells. The way the seashells gets pushed to the seashore, thoughts occur the same way in our life. Most of them again gets pulled in by the waves. The one’s you catch can be grouped together to make great products. Do you know, a common man can make minimum 39 different varieties of products from a seashell. The reference to thoughts as seashell carries value. Let’s understand about seashell and relate to thoughts.

Seashells generally grow bottom up. They are like the exoskeleton. Every seashell carries unique patterns. These shells acts as protective homes for the soft inhabitants. The visually striking patterns are used to attract a mate or provide camouflage.

Shell patterns carry the complete history. They represent as what had happened at the shells’ growing edge. They are like a diary.

Like the seashell, our thoughts are by those nerve sparks that creates it. Each thought has its own origin. Mostly at the initial stage of formation, they are not so stable. They can be easily destroyed similar to the wave current for the seashells, for us it’s the situation current. The time at which the thoughts gets formed.

The Seashell life can be related to 3 stages of our thougths.

  1. The formation stage
  2. The dead stage
  3. The life stage.

Formation Stage of Seashell can be related to the future stage of thoughts. When the conditions of formation are not suitable for seashell, they don’t get formed. These can be due to the varying nature of of the wave beds where are they getting formed, the wave currents and the wave heat as well as pressure or the hijacking hunters of the ocean.

Similarly when your thoughts are focussed on to future, you are living in an environment in your mind that’s so fragile. The thoughts hallucinates you, of realism, of aspirations, or in most cases related to stress induced fear, anxiety etc. Though the thoughts of future are not concrete, they can get shattered immediately once your current environment changes. Simple correlation would be, when you are on a vacation on Mauritius beach, you live in a scenic environment. Most of the time, you would visualize your life being beautiful and even planning as to how it would it be, when you plan to live by a beautiful seashore. The moment your vacation gets over, you come back to reality. With in few days, you totally forget about the future lifestyle that you were building as pack of cards at Mauritius. The future thoughts when captured and held properly can turnout to become beautiful seashells. But mostly we leave those to fall and they vanish with time.

The dead stage of seashell are the one’s where they get pushed into the seashore. These are scattered all over on the seashore. In this stage, the mussels or the oyster or the clam have died either full-filling their journey or failing along its course. They become the remnants of the past. Similarly the thoughts of the past are the dead stage. The reason is, in no way we can go and correct the course. The one that happened as good, are to be rejoiced while the bad ones are just a scar, an experience. But never to dwell in those for long, because they don’t drive you forward. They just hold you.

Formation of a pearl. Referrence Natgeo Wild.

The life stage is where the pearls are made. Pearls are formed naturally when an irritant – in general a parasite – gets into an oyster, mussel, or clam. In order to protect similar to a defense mechanism, a fluid coats the irritant. It’s called as ‘nacre’ as it is coated layer upon layer. It’s deposited once a shining pearl is formed. Your present thoughts are similar to those. The irritants are like your hardships. The more you focus on the current one in hand, you will gain results. The results can be simple work completion, to a happy dinner with family or a time by yourself in the evening watching the sunset.

Life is a mixture of all these stages. All these thoughts. You cannot do away with one another. They are here to stay. The present thought in the current moments keeps you in the moment. The future when aligned with the present, helps you to work your way up. Grab your steps in a planned way to reach your goal. The past can be just a guiding force, when its an experience. The more the present, it keeps you at the peace and with a percentage of future should act as a guiding force to reach your goal. The past has to be minimalistic. When you forget about your past, you are bound to repeat your mistakes again.

Above all, the only thing you have to heal is the present thought. Get that right and the whole picture will change into one of harmony and joy.

Eckhart Tolle

Personal Excellence

Influence. Influenced. Influencer.

Influence. Influenced. Influencer.

When you wish to make a change or an impact, you need to know what you want to do. The best way is to get influenced in the subject. When you wish to become an artist, learn about artistry. You obviously get influenced by specific artists in the domain. Once you adopt, learn, practice and evolve you will become an influencer. Thus, when you wish to make a change, get influenced by the change.