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What’s in a name?

Though the above question seems as a simple one to answer, let’s try to delve into it to understand, what’s in a name?. A name, though means a set of words to identify a person, the probable question is whether name came to existence the way we have known it. The name was a probable something, that was initially used to address a thing or a person. Well then, why did the name came into such a prominence?.

In the early years, the name would have been relating to a set of traits or by activities carried out by a person; either by his act of his natural instincts, or eventually then, by the profession. Along the course of time, to give a specific identity, people started to relate the name with the things or people they believed or loved. Thus name came into existence the way we know today. However, why the name plays such an important role in one’s life?

It’s not the names that identifies us. It’s our actions. However, eventually our actions gets defined by our names.

Then let’s understand what we are? We are a set of patterns. I know, you didn’t expect such a reply. Though we are common, like any other humans in terms of flesh and feelings, what makes each one of us different from other, is their patterns. So what do I mean by patterns is that, its the assimilation of all your thoughts. The thoughts that made into memories. The existence of memories by way of learnings, experiences and watching. These memories get associated with our past and present. They form an identity of oneself. This inherent identity which we have formed for us, relates and reflects in our name.

Though the name, was initialized in early past by traits, then by profession and then by belief or the things that one loved, this name grows and locks oneself up by his or her own belief of what he or she is. A belief that rose out of perception by others, creating one’s own perception in oneself. This perception builds and locks oneself with its own boundaries. Thus, the name becomes a powerful identity for oneself as well as for the outside world.

How does it became so prominent in oneself? Basically, we are nothing but patterns. Our mind as out of freshness, is thoughtless. With each experience, they register. As they register they form memories. With every memory, in the subsequent thought, we start to form patterns. The patterns when become undeniably mechanical are nothing but habits. These habits gets interlinked with our behavior. That’s when we have the first identity being formed for the outside world as well as for the one inside.

Our mind starts to link the identity from these patterns to one’s own name. Thus a name is an association of certain values one’s mind perceives for the patterns, which the outside world addresses as an identity for its understanding of oneself. Now, understanding about our own name,

What’s in a name?

The name evolves with oneself. Though the name, becomes a mere chronological order in a family tree or the society hierarchy after one’s death, their existence in history timeline depends upon their actions. Well, this being the case, how the name controls oneself with such strong boundaries. A prison sort of, that bounds oneself. Most of the times, one thinks when he or she acts something new or faces a situation of failure or demoralizing event, the mind builds a catastrophe syndrome. It quickly builds opinions, beliefs as to what will happen when the name, the so called one’s own identity fails. These built opinions, beliefs, by the mind are nothing but the thoughts that are registered as experiences, than the real life experiences registered in one’s own memory.

These thoughts had created that guardhouse for oneself. The one, which one starts to fortify by his or her behavior. When this name is nothing but assimilation of experience, learnings upon a repeated pattern by thoughts, can it become irrelevant?. When one starts to delink, that name is nothing but a repeated pattern of relevance to one’s identity. This understanding then starts to create a ripple. The ripple where in even the segmentation with in humans by humans doesn’t stand.

This shows, that names where the reason in first place to bring the segmentation with in humans. The one which started as an identity by traits or profession, had eventually become the one for segmentation. The segmentation of various kinds within humans by humans. Can just delinking or eradicating the name of oneself can resolve these issues? Though the societal change is farfetched, however the change with in oneself with the association from one’s own name can be delinked.

When one can understand that the name is nothing but a mere reflection of their own perceptional thoughts. As one understands, that these thoughts make him or her; brings the identity for him or her, proves that name is an association of identity for him or her. When one decides that, its the work that’s of importance than the name, then name starts to loose its shine. When such a thought starts to sprout and spreads within the tribe, then the tribe becomes powerful for their actions. The actions, which in order eventually to be identified by their traits, leads to naming convention. When one disassociates their relationship or identity of their capability with their name, then name doesn’t carry value, as they start to associate with a larger conscience of human kind.

As and when everyone understands the significance of their work than the association of name to their work, then one starts to value the human conscience. We rarely understand that most of our thoughts and emotions aren’t a representation of our own. They are imbibed in us from our early years because of the society to which we belong. When such an understanding happens, and the how the name’s gets associated with it, we realize

What’s in a name?

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